Your Queens, launched in January 2015, is the first African Royalty Character and Costume Entertainment Company, where our mission is to evaluate, educate, and express the dynamic lineage of historic Queens and Kings. We bring Queens Amina of Zaria-Nigeria, Queen Makeda of Ethiopia, Queen Nzingha of Angola, as well as Queens Cleopatra, Nefertiti, Goddess Isis and King Tut of Egypt to life through storytelling, song and dance.

Each Queen and King, adorned in royal costume, share their dynamic history with the audience, while bringing joy, building self-esteem and confidence through beauty, legacy and power. Your Queens is a company based on merit, education and performance, all while promoting the historic stories of each King and Queen through positive entertainment.  Over the last three years, we have provided our services to over 150 organizations including public schools, counseling centers, special events, art/music festivals, colleges and more. We have also been featured in NY Newsday, Elle Magazine, The Village Voice, The Huffington Post, Essence, The Root and various online coverage through our social networks.  

We would be delighted to bring Your Queens to your event, projecting energy, creativity, confidence, excellence and a great sense of crowned culture with each audience member. Your audience will travel into time with us, soaking in a world of rich African culture from Egypt, Nigeria, Congo, Ethiopia and the continent as a whole.